Dolittle Dove Release is a family business founded by Paul and Maggie and based  in the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire. Our White Dove Release company primarily serves the Three Counties of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.


            (Over the hills & far away)                                    (Dolittle's flock flying free)                             (The wanderers return home)

Paul is our own "Dr Dolittle" and has a natural affinity with all creatures great and small.

His genuine understanding of their needs brings forth the best in both animals and birds.  The blessing of this uncanny skill is put to good use in the breeding and training of homing birds, which requires a lot of commitment and is a full time job in itself. Paul’s 40 years experience with birds and his genuine love for them ensures we can provide a flock of pure White Doves which are second to none.


(Keeping an eye on our "Dr Dolittle")         (Exercise time with our "Dr Dolittle")        (Life is a bed of roses with "Dr Dolittle")

Maggie works behind the scenes in providing a unique bespoke service that is both competitive and personal to your needs. Recommendations can be made regarding choice of cages, baskets, flowers and poems, but individual wishes will always be a top priority. 

Our staff will care for the Doves prior to release, and demonstrate how to handle the birds during the supervised release. They will also be confident speakers with organizational skills, and of course dress appropriately for the occasion.

We are proud to be listed on The International White Dove Society's website.


For further information contact - "Dolittle Dove Release" -

Tel. No: 01684 833482                           Mob. No: 07510 630799                           Email:


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