We breed our own pure White Pedigree Doves to ensure a good strain and have many months of training before they attend displays to enable them to return home safely. These are strong flyers and, with proper training, their magic gift ensures they find their way home.  They are capable of flying distances of up to 300 miles, but for practical reasons we keep to an area of 25 miles around the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire. 


                         (1 hr old)                                                                        (2 days old)                                                                      (1 week old)

They are “free-range” birds in the true sense of the word. They are released from their loft each morning and they are free to fly wherever they want, for as long as they want. They usually make their way back into the loft about an hour before dusk, when they are fed and then locked in for the night, away from any predators.


                      (10 days old)                                                                 (2 weeks old)                                                                   (4 weeks old)

After their display at an event, our Doves will be eager to return home to us – they live in a clean, healthy environment, with plenty of food and exercise and someone to tend to their every need.  What more could they wish for? 


                                                                                                           (Our mature doves)

It is our aim for every Dove we release to return home as safely as possible, which is why our White Doves are banded as young with ID rings, complete with their registration number and contact details, which means if a dove ever gets lost it will be safely returned to us when found. 

For further information contact - "Dolittle Dove Release" -

Tel. No: 01684 833482                           Mob. No: 07510 630799                           Email: DolittleDr@hotmail.co.uk


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