During a lull in the proceedings between the wedding and the reception, what could be better than to entertain your guests with an eco-friendly display ... the magical releasing of pure White Doves.

Give the day something really special, an intimate moment for the Bride and Groom to demonstrate their love with the ultimate symbol of love, peace, faith and fidelity – four things required for a good marriage.


Dolittle Dove Release offers a bespoke, professional service, with the caring and understanding which evolves from years of experience. We listen to your requirements and make suggestions where needed, which would enhance the beauty of the occasion. Our service is totally individual, planned in co-operation with your photographer to capture the precious moment and give you ….. a magical wedding!

You and your guests will be well prepared to take full advantage of the Dove Release and retain memories and photographs to cherish for a lifetime.

Our initial, informal meeting will ascertain your individual requirements and we will then be able to present to you a completely personalized package, unique to yourselves. This could include:

* Arrival at a suitable time of your choosing

* Cages and baskets decorated appropriately, using supplied material or flowers to match your wedding colours, if required

* Pure White Doves that are fit, healthy and photogenic

* A competent member of our staff, dressed appropriately, to organize the proceedings and ensure a flawless display

* A presentation prior to the Dove Release to inform your guests of their symbolic meaning, or we could recommend appropriate poems or readings from our large individual collection

* A Dove Release by hand or from cage or basket, giving a spectacular display of nature at it’s best which is guaranteed to impress all your guests and turn a memorable day into a magical day

* Time spent after the Dove Release to answer any queries from your guests.



White Doves represent a new beginning – such a meaningful, emotional display of celebration will surely be remembered.

Environmentally Friendly

Not only can the release of White Doves during your wedding provide magical entertainment for your guests but it can also act as an alternative to the throwing of confetti or rice, as more churches and wedding venues are not permitting this due to the mess that is made. With national news coverage that releasing of fireworks, balloons and Chinese lanterns is not environmentally friendly, and now it has been discovered the danger to wildlife (and marine life) from balloon and Chinese lantern releases is quite significant, many organizations are now replacing them with Doves! The release of Doves would be a great environmentally friendly alternative to celebrate a couples union, being both clean, "green" and safe for the environment.


White Doves are a symbol of peace, love, faith and fidelity, The White colour of the Doves symbolizes the bride and groom will be pure to each other “from this day forward”. The release of a pair of Doves or a flock of Doves by the bride and groom will signify they are about to embark on a new life together. The Doves flying home together symbolizes the couple beginning their journey to start a home of their own. Such a romantic display is sure to have all your wedding guests wanting to capture the moment on camera.


We will be happy to provide a Dove Release service tailored to your wishes; however the suggestions below are our most popular requests:

* A pair of Doves are released – the “Hand Release” – in which the bride and groom hold two Doves which are then released together. 

* A flock of Doves is released – the “Flurry” – in which the bride and groom release two birds by hand or from a cage or basket and then a larger group of Doves are released by the Bridesmaids from a basket shortly afterwards to join them in the sky. 


Let our Snow White Doves be a part of your fairytale day and their magical beauty will create a memory that your guests will carry with them for a lifetime.

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