There is no easy way to say “Goodbye” to a Loved One, and sometimes words just aren’t enough, but some comfort can be found in the symbolic gesture of releasing the departed’s spirit on the wings of a White Dove, and watching it fly away, free, at peace, and carrying all the love of Family and Friends.

Dolittle Dove Release offers a bespoke, professional service, with the caring and understanding which evolves from years of experience. We listen to your requirements and make suggestions where needed, which would enhance the occasion. Our service is second to none.


Our initial, informal and sympathetic meeting will ascertain your individual requirements and we will then be able to present to you a completely personalized package, unique to yourselves. This could include:

* Arrival at a suitable time of your choosing

* Cages and baskets decorated appropriately, either black or with a splash of colour - the choice is yours

* Pure White Doves that are fit, healthy and photogenic and will contrast with the sombre event

* A competent member of our staff, dressed appropriately, to organize the proceedings and ensure a flawless display

* A presentation prior to the Dove Release to inform your guests of their symbolic meaning, or we could recommend appropriate poems or readings from our large individual collection

* A Dove Release by hand or from cage or basket, giving a spectacular display of nature at it’s best which is guaranteed to turn a memorable day into a magical day

* Time spent after the Dove Release to answer any queries from your guests.

Why is a Funeral Dove Release so special?


White Doves represent a new beginning – such a meaningful, emotional display will surely be remembered.


Perhaps the family has requested no flowers but want a special tribute. A Dove Release is a more poignant gesture to say a final “Goodbye”.

Doves can be released at a funeral, A burial, An interment, A memorial service, or by the graveside for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. giving a spectacular display of Nature at it’s best. The release of Doves is a memorable, environmentally-friendly way of celebrating a life and saying “Goodbye” to a Loved One – being both clean, "green" and safe for the environment.


White doves are a symbol of peace, love, faith and fidelity, and the release of a single, a pair of doves or a flock of doves by family and friends at an appropriate time or at the conclusion of the ceremony will leave a lasting memory.

Common Memorial Release Ceremonies:

We will be happy to provide a Dove Release service tailored to your wishes; however the suggestions below are our most popular requests:

* A single White Dove is released – the “Free Spirit” – symbolizing the release of your Loved One’s spirit.

The Dove could be on display prior to release, or housed in an enclosed basket until released. A single White Dove is released by a relative or friend, either by hand or from a small cage or basket. Symbolic of the Loved One, the dove may circle, and will fly off on its “spiritual journey home” Those watching are able to emotionally “release” their Loved One, as the White Dove flies off into the Heavens.

* A pair of White Doves are released – the “Escort Home” – symbolizing two spirits joining together in the sky. Another Dove is released by a relative or friend, alongside the dove representing the Loved One’s spirit, escorting the departed soul home.

* Three White Doves are released – the “Holy Trinity” – symbolizing the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

* Four White Doves are released – the “Trinity and Soul” – symbolizing the Holy Trinity, followed by a single Dove representing the soul of the deceased. Three Doves are released from a decorated basket – “The Trinity”. Next, a beloved relative or close friend releases a single White Dove, symbolic of the Loved One’s spirit. The single Dove can be released by hand or from a small, decorated basket. As “The Trinity” of Doves ascends into the sky, they circle on a high, awaiting the Loved One. The trio of Doves escorts the “Spirit” Dove in a spiritual flight home.

* A flock of White Doves (6-12) is released – the “Angelic Escort Home” – symbolizing a promise of eternal love and remembrance. At the end of the graveside service, the partner, children or grandchildren of your Loved One can each release a Dove by hand or from a beautifully decorated basket, symbolizing the support of the family in escorting the departed spirit home. The flock ascends into the sky and circles the area awaiting the spirit of the Loved One to join them. Moments later, a single White Dove, representing your Loved One’s spirit, is then released by another family member. The “Spirit” dove joins the flock of “Angels” and all together they make the spiritual flight home.

Please call us to discuss your individual requirements where we will create a release package that is appropriate and sympathetic to the event.

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