* We only release well trained, well cared for, fit and healthy White Doves from pedigree stock, who are capable of flying home.

* We will not release Doves beyond a range that they are not capable of flying home safely.  Although these birds could find their way home over a much larger area, we are based in the Malvern Hills and will only release Doves within a 25 mile radius.

* If there is an unreasonable delay in proceedings that is beyond our control, we reserve the right to release the birds to avoid causing them any distress, and no refund given.

* In the event of severe bad weather, i.e. heavy rain, snow, fog, mist, high winds or thunder and lightning, we reserve the right not to release the birds as they cannot navigate safely in those circumstances. In this scenario, we will still turn up for the release as the weather can often change, but if it is too bad you may still have the doves on display, have photographs taken and a reading with your guests, and a partial refund will be given.

* We will not release our birds indoors, near electricity cables or at dusk. The Doves must have enough time to fly home before it gets dark. Please take this into account when considering what time you would like the Doves to be released at your event.

* While the Doves are being held for a display, we assure that they are in baskets that are large enough to be comfortable and safe. The baskets or cages will be kept in safe areas, at the correct temperature.

* We provide a highly professional service; therefore we do not send Doves for self release.

* An experienced Co-ordinator wearing appropriate attire accompanies our Doves to each event. We ensure the Release Co-ordinator is 100% reliable and punctual.

* It is VERY UNLIKELY that our Doves will do their droppings during a release or whilst being held, but we cannot guarantee this. We will show you how to handle the birds correctly and position them so any "little accident" would be directed away from your outfits. However, we cannot accept any responsibility for any damage caused by the Doves, as this is beyond our control.

* You agree that all images displaying our Doves will not be used to promote any other businesses, e.g. other Dove Release Companies, with the exception of the photographer retained at your event, without our prior consent.

* The contents and images of this website must not be copied or reproduced.  Failure to comply in relation to copyright may result in legal action being taken.

For further information contact - "Dolittle Dove Release" -

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